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Current Music:katamari damacy
Subject:day off..
Time:03:32 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

todays my day off. i made a shirt which is kind of lopsided and i cut up some jeans to make a skirt. i put glittery fabric glue on things in nice shapes. and i totaly fixed up another one of my work shirts (stencils/fabric paint) so its cool now. the other shirt (brown work shirt) i had previously put this kewlio brocade chinese fabric patch on it, which is very random but the colors look nice together.
figured out how dustins kwazy sound set up works so i could turn on der music..
i got dorito mess on my pants so now thers orange spots on em..
going to see starwars tonight.


made cheezburgers yesteday wen jeff n missie came over.. we played Katamari Damacy and then i got (motion?) sick and went to bed and everyone else stayed up for hours and hours trying to do something w/ jeff's external hd.
i started reading missies' Still life w/ Woodpecker and its just wow very strange. i read the first two chapter bits and i have no clue whats going on. its great. actually, im much too literal w/ these things, when people say strange things in books i see it as a metaphor and try to imagine what they'd really be talking about if they were speaking normal human language. with this book, however, that approach works not.
im nearly finished reading the Secret Garden again b/c i luv that book.
i guess im supposed to read clockwork orange and some hemingway book next. i shall read them. it is unfortunate that i have such limited experiance reading non-fantasy/scifi stories b/c these books seem difficult for me to read, even though they are generally 1/3 the size of a book i would normally finish in a few days. it may take me weeks to read these.


oh yeah and we went to china town teh other day. that was damnkewl. got this kick ass jpop shirt that says strange things in english. luv it. gonna go back when ive got some extra cash (probably after i start getting paid at my job in a few weeks). Only very dissapointing thing was that i couldnt find any Kirin Milk Tea. so next time, i shal search more thoroughly and look at less touristy trinket shops. i did manage to find some orange flavored marshmellow and some green tea cakes. also we went to this bakery where i prompty bought two of everything. not all of it is very tastey and much of it is very rich. i decided that asian ppl stay small, even tho they have kewl snacks, because theyr snacks r very rich and they only eat a little of them. probably not so, but that is my theory.
ive still got the katamari damacy theme song in my head. i think i will check aquisition for the sound track. oh yes indeed i will.
now ive got glitter on my hands...
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Time:10:51 am
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Subject:sleepy poo
Time:09:50 am
im sleepy. dont wanna go to skewl to day.
fashion show went pretty good last night. some people tripped n this one girl popped a boob out by accident. but it was good, there were some fantastic designs and some mediocore ones.

wow check this out

makes u wanna be japanese doesnt it. theyve got everything.

anyway now im all groggy and dreading going to school AND work.. considering skipping class today, its just math, and going straight to work. pondering if thats a good idea or not. its certainly feaseable. after all, my teacher always reviews the last weeks lesson at the beginning of class.. hrmmm

why do cats eat other cats vomit?
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Subject:oh yes and...
Time:12:18 pm
and this game rocks

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Current Music:nine inch nails - with teeth
Subject:Conversation of the Day
Time:11:44 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
heard dustin talking to friend this morning, as follows:
friend "isnt sarah going to work to day?"
dustin "she was going to but she decided she needed to do
homework. So shes reading livejournal"

need i say more? i think not.

its a lovely day out, sorta cloudy, 50ish degrees. reading neil gaimans journal in that sort of blissful way one reads things on livejouranl when one is suposed to be doing homework. *yawn..
*wonders who reads her livejournal.. maybe ppl i dont know.. maybe neil gaiman reads my journal. probly not tho. that'd be kewl tho. hello to everyone i dont know who reads my journal. plz keep reading, its good for my ego.

maybe i will go get some bleach today. yes. i think i shall. got to do my hair for the fashion show. must be beautimus. decided to bleach my hair white. its already halfway there, being a mixture of white and orange much like a creamsicle. its very kewl. but i want to experiance the whiteness, i dont think ive ever managed to completely white-bleach my hair just yet. i usualy get impatient and just add pink or something instead.

the other day i got theze kewl earrings from H&M, theyr like a panda on one ear and on the other ear its a panda on a hoop w/ other little doodahs hanging off it like hearts on chain n stuff. they rule. i got some other ones what are similair but have roller skates on em instead of pandas.
And i got this snoopy shirt.. its light pink with white polka dots, and white piping around the neck, sleeves, and hem. and its got a snoopy screened onto the front. i luv it and have now worn it three days in a row.. :/

so KittyKute is now going to be KawaiiNeko. And i think ive finally perfected the logo.. got to finish it up in photoshop and post it on der sitey. And KawaiiNeko is going to have clothing at last. weve just finished a pattern for a tube top. we picked up some fantastic gauzy white knitted fabric and some lovely ribbons. This line's colors are green, pink, yellow and white. Very springy, which is good for the area, since its still about 50 degrees every day.
We found a botique that wants to sell our clothes on commission. now we've got to make them. We gave ourselves a 2 week deadline to finish the line but we've only just started on it. Might take a little longer than we thought. Excellent experiance tho. really starting to get out there and get things done and so on.

Starwars is coming out tomorow. but i wont be able to see it. Ive got a show allllll day long tomorrow and wont be home till late. so i might have to see it on the weekend or maybe even during the next week. its sad, since ive obviously got my priorities all knotted up wrong. a few years ago, i'd be camping out at the theater right now. im sure taz will see it before all of us do tho.

My Ipod smells like curry. My curry leaked all over my backpack yesterday.. ruined some drawings and overall smelled up everything in it. i cleaned the ipod as i could, its no longer greasy, but it still smells like Panang. maybe thats a good thing. maybe someday apple willl make ipods that smell nice, like strawberry ones and peach ones and Melon ones... :)

hmmm i realy want to go to ChinaTown. Ive been craving Kirin Milk Tea for days now. I tried to make some, with soymilk and lipton. But i didnt have any other stuff that you'd put in it, like that lemony flavor and so on. I put cinnamon and honey in it and it was quite tasty, but still not quite like Kirin.
On an interesting note, i managed to find some Milk Tea flavored Pocky! Who knew. I guezs thats what got me started on the Milk Tea craving. It taste just like it.
I also discovered Choclate Covered Banana flavored pocky. That just seems so complicated of a flavor to think up. Trust the Japanese for that sort of thing, of course. But for me, if i were the flavor maker sort of person at Glico, im not sure i'd think to say "oh we should make choclate covered banana flavor".
And whats with the Japanese Flan? Is it some traditional sort of desert they arleady had in Japan, around the time or even before the Spanish had it? Or is it a copy of the Spanish Flan from around the time that people started to invade Japan and spread their cultures around and create new falvors? I really feel i should know why Japanese have Flan, its been bothering me for years.

I got a new book yesterday - The Goblin Wood by Hilari Bell. its really good. someone on bookworm livejournal recommened i read her books. theyre fantastic.

kay thats enuf journaling for now. i think ill go find something sorta useful to do. like eat lunch... ~_~*
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Time:09:57 am
I am:
Gregory Benford
A master literary stylist who is also a working scientist.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Im not sure who he is. but ok.
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Time:11:00 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
mmmm... potstickers.
an then, i got this book that this person on the Bookworm livejournal thinger
told me i should get and i havnt started reading it yet but it looks kewl. *muches
another potsticker. mmm guud... gona start reading it on the train.
and yesterday i got a jamba juice, one of thos peanutbutter ones.. its so tastey..
i drank the whole thing too. *mighty*
sooo.. the new NIN album rox. i can listen to it for hourssss..
ooh my potstickers r sticking together now ^_^~ its so cute. *peels them apart..
*wiggles toes..
so anyway. i feel happy.
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Current Music:Weezer, Make Believe
Subject:pink beasties r nice.
Time:07:04 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
its nice that the weather got cool again.. i think its like 40 degrees. its nice to be able to wear sweaters and coatz and hats and scarfs.. im werid b/c in the winter, i keep my windows open and go around the house wrapped in a blanket. cozy.
finally finished my midterm project.
dustins teaching justin how crystals work.
new weezer album playing in the background.
gona go get some jhamba juice and a book.
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Subject:haiku of der day
Time:08:49 am
Current Mood:weirdweird
Der is German for 'the'
'Der' Waffle House
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Subject:*yawn. im up uncharacteristically early. gosh thats such a big word, did i spell it right?
Time:08:36 am
Current Mood:mellowmellow
er. anyway. lots of stuff to do, as usual. putting it off, as usual. getting over the whole thing, once again.
bloddy midterms.
got a magic eye book last night. i read somewhere that u can learn to scry and see auras the same way u work the magic eye thingey (you know, those 3D pictures tht u have to look at funny to see them). it makes me feel cross eyed and i think i awoke some dormant, atrophied muscle in my eye b/c i can see parallel vision at will now. *eyes water. hopefully im not just ruining my eyes or something. guess it dont matter tho, my eyes r prety fooking bad alredy. bloddy severe nearsightedness.
other than that, i'd like to reiterate that Cereal is Great. and i might make a tshirt which says so.
btw i got a 'joooob' *wigles fingrs* at a tshirt making shop. not geting paid (as of yet) and not really DOING anything per se.. its extremely slow, so far, hopefullyu it'll speed up soon cuz im gettin bord... egh. evil boredness.
going to a moo vy w/ missie an jeff to nite *ppl what work at tshirt shop* duno wat were gonna c.
kay cant think of anything else now.
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